If people aren’t willing to make time for you then you honestly shouldn’t bother with them. If you aren’t worth their time then why should they be worth yours?

I hate people that only come to you when they need help. Seriously, be a good friend or don’t be my friend at all. Don’t just expect people to always help you when you’re never there to help them.

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The amount of fucks I give is immense. Maybe I should stop giving a fuck.

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You say you didn’t make an impact on her life. You say you feel like if you left, they wouldn’t be any different and nothing would change. You’re being ripped apart inside because you see her falling for someone else and it’s more than you can handle. I know where you’re coming from. Believe me, i really do. But you know what? You’re wrong about one thing. You did make a difference. I know you did, and YOU should know you did too. You’ve done everything right. You’re not at fault. You’ve given your all. It’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself.